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Peggy Burrell, Brandon, FL 57 viewsWe enjoy our Rainsoft and every drink we have of the refreshing pure water. It just makes my day, especially having to wash all my fruits and veggies in this wonderfully soft and clean water. My husband’s recent comment was how much soapy lather he enjoyed when he took his shower this morning. We are very pleased as well with the air vent system and the way it takes care of the household odors.
Karen Van Derbogaert, Dover, FL50 viewsRemoved iron from our water, toilets, appliances, etc. Less cleaning needed. Was impressed with how much soap was left in clothes from old water system, and how much cleaner clothes are – no soap residue. The taste of the water is 10 times better than our well water was before.
William Atkins, Ocala, FL 130 viewsWe were very happy with the presentation. Paul covered the many benefits of the system and listened to all of our questions.
We agreed on the system that would suit us best. We are very satisfied and excited about our new system.
The installer was very knowledgeable and courteous also. He did a very professional job installing the product. We will recommend the Rainsoft system highly.
Paul Douilette, Poinciana, FL 64 viewsInstaller was timely and very professional. Had system installed and running in record time. I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in the taste of the water in less than 24 hours.
Jose Vargas75 viewsEquipment: AMT75CV
The representative was very courteous and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend the company and its products
Venita Bergman42 viewsEquipment: AMT75CV
*Tommy first told me about your system & I had 5 extra kids over watching that my boyfriend recently adopted. He was great, interacted with all kids & made fund & educational.
*Rick was also pleasant & informative. He answered all of my questions & promised to fulfill all Tommy had shared with me. We are so excited to be involved with a company that has such pleasant people working for them. My daughter & I can't wait to see all the improvements in our lives.
Jason & Audrey Whitaker77 viewsEquipment: EC475CV
We are very pleased with customer service that we received from Rainsoft. Louella was very knowledgeable of the equipment. She was very helpful. Dan installed the equipment in a timely manner & was very nice. Keith was very polite & explained the contract agreements very well.
Overall, the equipment was and is very family friendly.
I would like to to thank your company for a great equipment!
Francis Bitz52 viewsEquipment: EC475CV
Nick was pleasant, polite, professional and efficient. I am highly satisfied with the end result. Looking forward to the benefits from the soft water.

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Joan Garvey77 viewsEquipment: EC475CV
Technician showed up in time, was polite and efficient. Very good service!
Sep 24, 2012
Patricia Berube87 viewsEquipment: EC475CV
The sales person, installer and water tester at the end were very nice, informative and polite. We are very happy with our new system and although products are new to us so far we like what we've used.
Sep 24, 2012
Dana Staggs61 viewsEquipment: EC475CV, OxyTech, Ao3
Love the laundry with the soft water - a must for every home!
Sep 24, 2012
Tom Hutchinson59 viewsEquipment: OxyTech
Salesman Bill West was very professional and knew his material. He answered all our questions and was helpful in selecting the proper system for our concerns regarding sulfur in our well water.
Installer tech Carter Burks also was very professional. He took the time to inform me about everything he was doing and way and he worked right through a heavy rain storm and was sure to accommodate my needs on placement of the system.
Sep 24, 2012
Diego Velazquez75 viewsEquipment: EC475CV, P12
John was very professional. He answered all of our questions. His presentation gave us a lot of good information.
Shawn was also very nice and explained everything regarding our new system. He was very detailed in his explanation.
Both are very nice!
Sep 24, 2012
Ronald Vaerewyck87 viewsEquipment: EC475CV
Very good service and follow up by service and install!
Sep 24, 2012
Jorge Pascual74 viewsEquipment: EC475CV
The system is great! I have no problems and the installers finished in 45 min.
Sep 24, 2012
Cheryl Hamrick39 viewsEquipment: OxyTech, EC475CV, UV Light
Paul was very informational with regard to the water system and how it would improve my water supply. At no time did I feel pressured to buy. He answered my questions effectively.
Sep 24, 2012