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Air Purifier Systems for Residents of Orlando, FL

Air Purifier Orlando FLFlorida Energy Water & Air is an authorized RainSoft dealer that is available to perform air purifier system installation throughout the Orlando, FL, area. We proudly offer RainSoft’s AirMaster Ultra, a whole-house air purification system that can clean, freshen, and sterilize the air in your entire home – not just individual rooms. The AirMaster Ultra is a duct-mounted air purifier that kills and sterilizes contaminants and neutralizes unwanted odors, such as those created by cigarette smoke, cooking, trash receptacles, and family pets. It is fully automatic, meaning that it will turn on whenever your heat, air conditioner, or fan is running. RainSoft’s AirMaster Ultra air purifier offers unmatched:
  • Contaminant & odor reduction – Its ultraviolent (UV) lamp wipes airborne contaminants out of existence. Bacteria, mold, viruses, fungi spores – all will be killed by the AirMaster Ultra. A second, specially designed ozone lamp will effectively neutralize problem odors.
  • Energy efficiency – The entire system requires just 47 watts of power to function, less than a standard incandescent light bulb.
  • Reliability – The only “maintenance” required on the AirMaster Ultra is periodic lamp replacement, an infrequent service that an authorized RainSoft dealer like Florida Energy Water & Air will be more than happy to perform.
For more information about the AirMaster Ultra air purifier and how it can significantly improve the air-quality conditions inside your home in Orlando, FL, contact Florida Energy Water & Air. Since 1989, we have been region’s foremost supplier of RainSoft products. In addition to RainSoft air purifiers, we also sell, install, and service RainSoft water softeners, drinking water purifiers, and more.

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