3 Tips for Cleaner Laundry

Are you noticing that no matter how many fancy, high-end laundry detergents and softeners you purchase, your clothes are still coming out of the washing machine feeling rigid and smelling unclean? There are many reasons why this could be the case. Your washing machine may not be functioning properly, or you may be using the wrong settings. But if you’ve investigated these possibilities and can’t come to a conclusion as to what’s wrong, there could be other underlying issues resulting in your stiff, unpleasant laundry.

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind the next time laundry day rolls around:

  1. Avoid Overloading Your Machine

We get it. Washing machines use a lot of water, and running multiple loads of laundry can rack up your electric bill. But the truth is that your laundry may be suffering the consequences if you’re packing your washing machine full whenever you set it to wash.

Aside from the fact that the drum of your machine could get damaged, overstuffing your machine can result in unclean clothes. If you have too many shirts, pants, socks, and more jumbled up in the wash, they won’t properly tumble during their cleaning cycle. This could result in unpleasant smells and stubborn stains that won’t come out.

  1. Clean Your Washing Machine

You may think that your machine is cleaned every time you run it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your washing machine cleans dirty clothes, and that dirt can accumulate in the drum and recirculate the next time you set a load to wash. The best way to approach cleaning your washing machine is by:

  • Cleaning it every six months
  • Removing soap and detergent residue with a cloth
  • Running a regular cycle using hot water and cleaning vinegar

If you follow those three quick steps, you’ll be sure to see fresher laundry straight out of your washing machine the next time it’s laundry day.

  1. Use Softer Water

This is the trickiest tip, but it’s well worth looking into. Most homeowners across the country have hard water running through their home’s plumbing, and many don’t even realize it. Hard water is water that contains a high mineral content, including the likes of magnesium and calcium. While hard water is unlikely to cause health concerns, it could certainly affect the outcome of your laundry.

Hard water is known to cause fading and rigidity in clothing, and your washing machine uses your home’s tap water to clean your clothes. So, if you have hard water in your residence, this could be the No. 1 cause of your laundry woes.

How Can I Resolve the Hard Water in my Home?

Although hard water is a nuisance, it can be easily fixed with a water softener system. At Florida Energy Water & Air, we have been installing water softeners in homes across the Sunshine State for over three decades, and we partner with one of the best manufacturers in the industry to bring you unrivaled products: RainSoft. To learn more about our premium product and expert services, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today. We look forward to helping you achieve softer, cleaner water and laundry.


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