Are Water Heaters Supposed to Make Noise?

Jun 17, 2024
Are Water Heaters Supposed to Make Noise?When your water heater starts to make an unfamiliar noise, it’s time to check a few things. Being a homeowner comes with a whole host of worries that can cause mountains of stress. Whether it’s a crack in the driveway or a leak in the air conditioning, any potential problem can result in expensive repair bills, so smart homeowners know to pay attention to the fixtures and appliances in their homes—especially when you suspect problems. One appliance that should always be top-of-mind for homeowners is the water heater. After all, a broken water heater means no dishwasher, hot showers, or laundry, so ensuring proper functioning is vital. One thing that vigilant homeowners notice about their water heaters is the wide variety of sounds they can produce. Some water heater noises are temporary, quiet, and not very alarming, while others are loud, sudden, and potentially a cause for concern. So, what are the sounds of a functioning water heater, and what sounds indicate that you should reach out to a professional? Read on to find out more.

Identifying the Sounds of Your Water Heater

The fact is that your home plumbing can and will make noise while operating normally, and many of the various sounds are nothing to worry about. However, like most issues around the home, the severity and intensity of each sound might matter more than the sounds themselves. Some common sounds you might hear include:

Hissing and Crackling

Most often found with electric water heaters, brief crackling and hissing sounds are a common occurrence for many homeowners. However, you should be concerned if the crackling sounds last for an extended period or are accompanied by leaks. Additionally, if you’re a homeowner with a gas water heater, ongoing hissing or crackling likely indicate a worse issue that requires attention.


Hearing a loud bang or pop coming from your water heater can be frightening for homeowners, especially considering how loud the sound can be. Thankfully, loud bangs are one of the most common sounds that water heaters produce, usually indicating sediment build-up. Many homeowners can remedy this issue simply by draining their water heater tank occasionally. Like other problems, intensity and frequency are the most important aspects to consider—if your water heater is regularly making a loud bang, follow your instincts and call a professional.

High-Pitched Whistles

Some homeowners describe the high-pitched sounds coming from their water heaters as whistles or screeches and their intensity can be quite startling. Brief whistles and other high-pitched sounds are often attributed to pressurized air, and most are nothing to be worried about. If the screeching sound is constant, homeowners can attempt to adjust various pressure-relief valves on their heater, but if the sounds become too much, a plumber should be able to remedy the situation easily.

Trust Local Water Experts

Nobody wants to get stuck without hot water at their home, so if the sounds your water heater are making are simply too distressing, turn to a local water expert for help. For countless homeowners across the Sunshine State, the solution is simple—turn to Florida Water Energy & Air. Contact us today to find out more about remedying a damaged water heater at your Florida home.

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