Is Water’s pH Impacted by How Hard or Soft It Is?

Jul 31, 2023
Have you ever been curious about your home’s water quality? Water is a precious resource that plays a vital role in our daily lives, from quenching our thirst to facilitating household chores. However, not all water is created equal, and factors like mineral content and pH can influence the smell, taste, and hardness of your water supply. Keep reading to find out if your water’s pH is impacted by how hard or soft it is.

What Exactly Is pH?

pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is, and it operates on a scale from 0 to 14. A pH of 7 is considered neutral, while values below 7 are acidic, and values above 7 are alkaline. The pH level of water can have a significant impact on your skin, hair, and clothes, and it could even negatively affect your household appliances and plumbing.

The Connection Between Your Water’s pH & Hardness

Water hardness refers to the concentration of minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water. Before water reaches your home, it goes through a long journey of flowing through rocks and soil. This is where water picks up its mineral content. The more minerals present in water, the harder it is. What’s more, hard water is often associated with a higher pH level, such as 8, making it more alkaline. Many people notice that hard water has a distinct taste and a slightly slippery or “hard-to-rinse-off” feeling on the skin. The alkalinity of hard water contributes to these characteristics.

Diving Into pH & Water Softness

Unlike hard water, soft water contains minimal dissolved minerals. Many homeowners choose to invest in water softeners and conditioners since ion exchange and reverse osmosis can soften residential water supplies. Soft water tends to have a slightly lower pH level, leaning towards the acidic side of the pH scale. This means that softer water tends to have a pH below 7. Soft water is often perceived to have a cleaner and more refreshing taste, as it doesn’t have the high mineral content of hard water. It also leaves the skin feeling smoother after bathing. Most homeowners strive to have softer water in their homes because it is better for their appliances and plumbing than hard water.

Does Your Water Supply’s pH Affect Your Health & Safety?

While water pH can influence the taste and feel of water, slight variations in pH levels within the standard range (6.5 to 8.5) generally do not pose health risks. Public water suppliers are required to maintain water within this safe pH range. However, extreme pH levels can have adverse effects and may indicate underlying water quality issues that need attention. Which Water Treatment Solution Is Right for You? Whether you have hard water or soft water running through your home’s pipes, you’ll want to invest in a water treatment solution that brings your water close to the target pH of 7. If you notice undesirable taste, scaling, or other water-related issues, you should consider options such as:
  • Water softeners – For hard water concerns, water softeners can effectively remove excess minerals.
  • pH balancing – To address pH-related issues, pH balancing solutions can help stabilize water pH levels, ensuring it falls within the ideal range.
  • Water filtration systems – Investing in a water filtration system can further enhance water quality by removing impurities and contaminants, providing clean and refreshing drinking water.

Reach Out to Florida Energy Water & Air Today

As discussed above, your water’s pH is directly impacted by its mineral content. While pH plays a role in the taste and feel of water, it’s essential to focus on overall water quality and safety. If you’re unsure about your water’s pH or quality, consider reaching out to Florida Energy Water & Air for expert advice and customized water treatment solutions tailored to your specific needs. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve better water quality in your Sunshine State home.

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