Is Tap Water Hard or Soft Water?

As a Florida resident, you’ve likely heard the term “hard water” in passing, but do you know exactly what it is? Hard water is water that contains a high mineral content, the most common culprits being calcium and magnesium. While certain signs of hard water are obvious—such as having a sulfur-like odor—others are not so easy to catch. A few things you may notice are:

  • Mineral deposits on your sink and bathtub faucets
  • Spots on clean dishes
  • Mineral stains on clothing
  • Dry skin and hair

Now that you have a better understanding of hard water, you may be asking yourself if all tap water is hard. The honest answer is this: it depends. Allow us to explain why.

Where Does Tap Water Come From?

Most tap water in the U.S. comes from surface or groundwater. There are many different places where we pull our tap water from, including lakes, rivers, streams, springs, and aquifers. And while most homeowners receive their tap water from public water systems that are closely monitored by federal, state, and local authorities, others utilize wells to receive tap water. Where your tap water comes from plays a large role in its overall hardness.

Which Source Has the Hardest Water?

If your tap water comes directly from groundwater sources such as streams and rivers, it is likely to be hard. That’s because your tap water is moving through soil and rock, where naturally occurring minerals will dissolve into it, before eventually arriving at your home.

Well water is also likely to produce hard water, depending on the soil and rock composition underneath the well.

Is Florida Tap Water Typically Hard or Soft?

Hard water is measured using a water hardness scale that measures from 0 total dissolved solids (TDS) in parts per million (ppm) to more than 181 ppm. The hardness level of your tap water likely differs greatly from that of someone who lives in another state.

That being said, Florida is known to have some of the hardest water in the country. The average level of hardness in Florida tap water ranges from 100 ppm to 300 ppm, which is extremely high.

How Can I Resolve the Hard Water Problem in my Home?

Fortunately, although the Sunshine State is home to hard water, there’s a simple solution to your hard water woes: a water softener installation. Water softeners, or water conditioners, remove minerals such as magnesium and calcium from residential water supplies, resulting in softer water. This water treatment solution is easily accessible for most homeowners, and Florida Energy Water & Air is happy to install them in homes across the state.

We are a water softener company that has been in business since 1989, and since then, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners with their water-related needs. To learn more about our water softeners, give us a call today.


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