The Connection Between Water Quality and Appliance Longevity

The primary benefit of investing in a water filtration system is improved water quality, which can have widespread impacts throughout your home. One of the most surprising benefits homeowners find when opting to improve their water quality is that this change also has a positive effect on their appliances. Here’s the connection between water quality and appliance longevity.

How Poor Water Quality Is Aging Your Appliances

First, it helps to understand why many of us are dealing with poor water quality in the first place. While the water entering your home from any public source in the United States has been treated and deemed safe to drink, this doesn’t mean the water is of good quality. In fact, tap water is often heavily treated with various chemicals designed to reduce harmful bacteria and other contaminants that would otherwise make the water unsafe. One common chemical that’s used to treat water is chlorine. While it’s highly effective at disinfecting water, chlorine can be very harsh on plumbing fixtures, causing them to deteriorate over time. Poor water quality can also result from minerals in the water that are safe to consume but have other downsides. In Florida, water sources typically have high concentrations of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that result in hard water. These minerals can cause residue and buildup in your drains, pipes, and appliances, leading to clogs or deteriorating the plumbing over time. These issues can occur without you ever seeing or noticing any problems until it’s too late and your appliances break down.

The Impact of Home Water Filtration System on Appliances

When a whole-home water filtration system is installed, your water will be filtered before it enters your plumbing system. This means the chemicals, minerals, and other contaminants in your water supply are removed before reaching your appliances. This higher-quality water is easier on your appliances, won’t cause scale buildup, and can extend their lifespans. And once you have a water treatment system installed, you can enjoy clean, pure water for years to come.

Find the Right Water Treatment System to Improve Your Water Quality

At Florida Energy Water & Air, we are pleased to be your source for comprehensive water treatment options throughout Florida. You can rely on our professionals to test your water and help you find the water treatment system that best suits your needs from our selection of water softeners, whole-home water filtration systems, and point-of-use water filters. When you choose us to improve the quality of your water, you can expect top-notch products and professional workmanship as we install the water treatment system that’s just right for your home. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today to learn more about improving the water quality in your home so you can keep your appliances running as long as possible.

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