How a Water Softener Can Save You Time & Money on Cleaning

Have you been thinking about investing in a water softener for your home? Perhaps you’ve noticed annoying side effects of hard water, and you no longer want to deal with smelly tap water or brittle nails and hair. Or you’re tired of spending your weekends scrubbing your sinks, bathtubs, and showers to get rid of mineral buildup and residue. Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that investing in a water softening system will help relieve your weekly chores. Water softeners work by removing hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium from your residential water supply and replacing them with sodium or potassium ions. That way, you can have softer water in no time. This is important because hard water can wreak havoc on your water-using appliances, leading to costly repairs and replacements. Here is a comprehensive list of ways in which a water softener can save you time and money on cleaning.

1.     It Reduces Mineral Buildup

Remember last month when you had to get on your hands and knees to thoroughly clean your tub faucets and showerheads? That can be a thing of the past when you purchase a water softener. Hard water causes mineral buildup in pipes, appliances, and fixtures over time, which can be a hassle to clean or get rid of. By removing those excess minerals from your water supply, a water softener can prevent this buildup from occurring, greatly reducing the need for frequent cleaning or repairs.

2.     You Won’t Need as Much Soap & Detergent

Hard water makes it difficult for soap to lather, so you may find that you’re using much more than the average amount to clean your dishes and clothes. Soft water, on the other hand, allows soap to lather much more easily, meaning you can use less soap and detergent to properly clean your belongings.

3.     Your Sinks, Toilets & Bathing Solutions Have Less Staining

Nobody wants to have unsightly stains all over their bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Stains and scaling can occur on your wall tiles, shower doors, tub floors, and more, leading to endless cleaning. With softer water in your home, you will no longer need to worry about spending your spare time wiping down all your sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets.

4.     Your Water-Using Appliances Will Last Longer

Did you know that hard water can shorten the lifespan of your water-using appliances? Mineral buildup can occur in hard-to-reach pipes and plumbing, resulting in dishwashers, coffee machines, and washing machines that quit working after a few short years. Fortunately, soft water can help your appliances last longer, as they won’t be subjected to the damaging effects of hard water.

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Now that you know a bit more about the advantages of having a water softener in your home, it’s time to find a contractor you trust for an installation. At Florida Energy Water & Air, we have been assisting Florida homeowners with all their water-related needs for over three decades, and we’d love to assist you next. Give us a call today to learn more about our water softener systems and to schedule your installation service. We look forward to improving the water quality in your home.

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