Can You Overfill a Water Softener With Salt?

Can You Overfill a Water Softener With Salt?

Man showering with soft waterA water softener is a relatively simply appliance to own. Outside of adding salt pellets into its brine tank every now and then and cleaning occasionally, there’s not a lot of maintenance involved. Still, there is a science to adding salt to a water softener. This begs the question, can you overfill a water softener with salt? Why yes, yes you can.

Learn the Basics

Let’s start by discussing why a water softener requires salt in the first place. Salt contains sodium—an element that plays a key role in the process of eliminating hard minerals from a home’s water supply. During a process known as ion exchange, positively charged sodium molecules attach themselves to the tank’s negatively charged resin to help capture and remove hard calcium and magnesium minerals. So, how much salt is too much when it comes to water softeners? It’s important to carefully adhere to the recommendations listed in your specific water softener’s owner’s manual, but generally speaking, you should keep the brine tank between one-third and two-thirds of the way full of salt. Adding more than that can lead to the formation of salt bridges—salt towards the top of the brine tank that clumps together and cannot be used by the water softener. The salt below the bridge will run out, but the tank will still appear to be full due to the suspended salt bridge. If you notice an increased amount of hard water in your home, be sure to check for salt bridges. If the brine tank is less than one-third of the way full, add more salt according to your water softener’s instructions.

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