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Solar Pool Heater 101 for Residents of Clearwater, FL

Solar Pool Heater Clearwater FLIf you own a pool in Clearwater, Florida, then buying a solar pool heater can be some of the best money that you ever spend. A solar pool heating system can extend your family’s swimming season without saddling you with the high expense of running a conventional unit that requires electricity or gas. Instead of having to let your swimming pool sit idle for a long stretch of time each year, you can heat it with a clean and inexpensive form of energy and spend more time in the pool with your family having fun. Solar energy is an abundant natural resource that can be utilized to heat pool water in an environmentally friendly fashion. Before you buy a solar pool heater for your home in Clearwater, FL, it is important to do a little homework and become acquainted with how they work. Most solar pool heaters have the following:
  • Solar collector – a device similar to a solar panel through which the pool water is circulated and heated by the sun
  • Filter – removes debris from the pool water before it is sent to the solar collector
  • Pump – circulates the water through the filter and solar collector
  • Flow control valve – an automatic or manually controlled device that diverts pool water to the filter and solar energy collector
For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, a solar pool heater installer serving Clearwater, FL. Our team also installs solar water heaters, water softeners, drinking water purifiers, whole-house water filtration systems, whole-house air purifiers, and more.

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