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Water Purifier Clearwater FL

The Benefits of Having a RainSoft Drinking Water Purifier Installed in Your Home in Clearwater, FL

Water Purifier Clearwater FLA drinking water purifier from RainSoft can dramatically improve your family’s quality of life in Clearwater, Florida. Any time day or night, members of your family can get a glass of water from the kitchen sink that has been purified by one of the most highly advanced drinking water purification systems available. Every RainSoft drinking water purifier is highly effective at removing contaminants that can adversely affect your water’s taste, smell, and appearance. After having one installed, your family will have 24/7 access to drinking water of the highest quality – clean, crisp H20 that is as good as anything you could find in a plastic bottle, if not noticeably better. The Ultrefiner II is a drinking water purifier made by RainSoft featuring multi-stage filtration and bulletproof durability for a lifetime of dependant performance. Water that passes through it is ideal not just for drinking, but also for cooking and making prepared drinks like coffee, tea, and lemonade. Here is how the Ultrefiner II drinking water purifier works:
  • First, the water enters the system through an inlet port.
  • Second, the water is forced through a pre-cartridge filter that reduces taste, odor, and particles.
  • Third, the water is filtered again by a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane.
  • Fourth, the water enters a storage tank.
  • Fifth, the water is filtered a third and final time before it is dispensed throughout its very own dedicating drinking water faucet (available in chrome or brushed nickel).
Having a RainSoft drinking water purifier installed in your home is as easy as contacting Florida Energy Water & Air, an authorized RainSoft dealer serving the community of Clearwater, FL. In addition to drinking water purifiers, we also specialize in installing water softeners, air purifiers, walk-in tubs, solar water heaters, and solar pool heaters.

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