Solar Pool Heaters

A Solar Pool Heater Allows Orlando, FL, Homeowners to Save Money While Swimming

Solar Pool Heater

Few experiences in sunny Florida bring more joy than spending an afternoon in the pool, splashing with friends or relaxing as you float in the warm water. However, during the winter, nighttime temperatures in Orlando often make your pool uncomfortably cold. Does this mean your swimming season has to end? Not at all! Florida Energy Water & Air installs solar pool heating systems for local homeowners, allowing them to take advantage of this outdoor living space year-round. We’d be happy to do the same for you, installing a solar pool heater that will reliably heat your pool water no matter the temperature.

The Benefits of a Solar Pool Heater

Oftentimes, homeowners looking to keep their pools pleasant during the winter invest in either a gas or electric system. However, the exorbitant cost of running these systems often makes swimming in January or February an expensive luxury. By contrast, a solar pool heater keeps costs low by using your existing pool pump and the free and abundant sunshine to keep your pool comfortable.

In addition to lowering regular energy costs, a solar pool heating system offers homeowners other benefits like:

  • Protection from energy price spikes due to gas shortages or electric outages
  • Lower replacement costs, since these systems last longer than many gas or electric counterparts
  • The ability to lower your household’s carbon footprint, protecting the environment and helping to keep Florida beautiful for generations to come
Sound interesting? We’d be happy to tell you more about the solar pool heater we can install at your Orlando, FL, home. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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