Solar Pool Heaters

Install Solar Pool Heater at Your West Palm Beach, FL, Home to Extend Your Swimming Season

Solar Pool Heater

Your pool serves as one of the most versatile settings on your property, the perfect place for social gatherings and solitary workouts alike. During the winter months, however, cold overnight temperatures can make swimming uncomfortable even during the day. Instead of resigning yourself to remaining indoors or paying a small fortune in heating bills, why not invest in a solar pool heater? At Florida Energy Water & Air, we install high-end solar pool heating systems for homeowners in West Palm Beach, Florida. One of these systems will keep your pool at a comfortable swimming temperature without making your monthly energy bills unbearable.

A Solar Pool Heater Saves You Money

When you rely on a traditional gas or electric heater to keep your pool warm, you can expect to run up a massive monthly energy bill. Some estimates place the cost of operating these systems at $2,800 annually, a number that can spike during an energy shortage. A solar pool heater, on the other hand, operates at a fraction of this cost. That’s because solar pool heating systems take advantage of existing equipment and freely-available solar energy. When you turn on a solar pool heater, it will:
  • Use your pool pump to circulate water through a filter and into solar collectors
  • Heat the water using Florida’s abundant sunshine
  • Use your pool pump to return the now-warm water to your pool
The only energy fee of associated with operating a solar pool heating system comes from running the pool pump, which can cost you as little as $30 a year.

Extend Your Swimming Season Today

Let the experts at Florida Energy Water & Air help install a new solar pool heater at your home in West Palm Beach, FL. Contact us to schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation today.

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