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Four Not-So-Obvious Ways a Hard Water Filter Can Save Orlando Homeowners Money

Hard Water Filter OrlandoMany of our Orlando customers have become aware of the effects of hard water, including dry, itchy skin, faded clothing, spotty glassware, and unsightly stains. What they often don’t realize, however, is that a hard water filter can actually save them money. When you make the switch from hard water, your savings may fall under four main categories.

1. Plumbing

The minerals in hard water cause scale buildup – not just on faucets and other fixtures, but within water supply pipes. This can lead to all kinds of problems with your home’s plumbing, including clogs, reduced water pressure, and even damage to pipes that could ultimately lead to leaks. Once you have a hard water filter installed at your home, you can enjoy taking your local plumber off speed dial.

2. Appliances

In addition to plumbing, scale buildup impacts water-using appliances, too. This includes not only small devices like your coffee maker and humidifier, but also large, expensive appliances like your dishwasher, water heater, toilets, and washing machine. When using hard water, these appliances become less effective over time until they eventually break down (typically several years before they would otherwise). With a hard water filter, you’ll find your water-using appliances performing better and lasting longer, saving you money on both repairs and replacement.

3. Water Use

When you have a hard water filter installed, your family’s water use is sure to decrease. That’s because soft water allows soaps and cleaners to lather more easily, and it also rinses more thoroughly. With less time needed to lather up and rinse out, you may see a decrease on your water bill.

4. Energy Use

Since you’ll be using less water, less water will need to be heated, which means that your water heater will be using less energy. So, by using soft water, you may end up with a lower energy bill, as well. Interested in having a hard water filter installed at your Orlando home? Contact the experts at Florida Energy Water & Air to schedule a free consultation and water test to get started.

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