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Hard Water Filter

How a Hard Water Filter Can Improve Daily Living for Tampa Homeowners

Hard Water Filter TampaMany Tampa homeowners don’t fully understand just how much a hard water filter can improve their day-to-day life until they’ve had one installed. There are so many activities that you perform daily that use water, and you may not even realize that you’re currently settling for less-than-ideal results from those tasks. Below are several aspects of daily living that improve with the use of soft water.


How often do your pipes clog up? Do you have a shower or faucet with disappointing water pressure? Hard water causes scale buildup in pipes, which can restrict water flow and even lead to the deterioration of the pipes over time. Having a hard water filter installed can actually be quite a boon for your home’s plumbing.

Water-Using Appliances

Hard water affects your water-using appliances, such as your toilets, dishwasher, coffee maker, washing machine, and water heater. Scale buildup causes them to malfunction, run slowly, use more energy, and wear out more quickly. A hard water filter can keep your appliances running smoothly and allow you to go much longer before having to replace them.

Lathering & Rinsing

Simply put, soft water makes better suds! You won’t have to use as much soap, shampoo, or cleaning products to create a nice lather. Less product used means less-frequent product purchases. And, more suds means more-effective washing/cleaning. Soft water also rinses more thoroughly and doesn’t leave a film behind, which means softer hair and skin, brighter clothing, and spot-free dishes and glassware. Essentially, any activity in your home that involves using water is going to have noticeable improvement with the installation of a hard water filter. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today. We’ll be happy to perform a complimentary water test at your Tampa home.

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