Solar Pool Heater Panels

How Do Solar Pool Heater Panels Work?

Solar Pool Heater Panels OrlandoIn Orlando, where there is no shortage of sunshine, many homeowners see the value in choosing solar pool heater panels to heat their family’s pool. The ongoing expense of heating a pool with solar energy is zero, and the solar panels themselves require very little maintenance and last a long time. But there’s one basic question that we get asked time and again: How do solar pool heater panels work, exactly? The process is actually rather simple. The solar equipment works with a pool’s existing pump. Normally, the pump moves the water through a filter and then returns the water to the pool. After the addition of the solar pool heater panels, the pool water is moved through the filter and then directed to the solar collectors. The water moves through tubes from the bottom to the top of the solar collectors, where it is heated by the sun’s radiant energy. From there, the water is redirected to the pool. This cycle repeats until the pool reaches the desired temperature. When the pool water is warm enough, the water simply bypasses the solar collectors and returns to the pool.

Can Anyone Benefit from Solar Pool Heater Panels?

Research has shown that pool heating is one of the most cost-effective uses of solar energy. Orlando homes are typically exposed to plenty of sun; as long as the property is not under heavy shade due to excessive tree coverage or other obstructions, then solar panels are a smart investment. If the property is under a lot of shade, however, there are sometimes alternative locations for placing solar panels. To learn more about solar pool heater panels and how they can benefit your household, contact Florida Energy Water & Air. We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation at your Orlando home.

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