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How to Tell If You Need a Water Softener

How to Tell If You Need a Water Softener

How to Tell If You Need a Water SoftenerAre you wondering if you need a water softener for your home? For many homeowners, their source of water from a well or public utilities is notoriously hard. However, unless you know what to look for, you may not even realize you have a hard water issue in your home. To determine if you could benefit from a water softening system, you’ll first want to find out if the water source for your home is hard water.

Signs of Hard Water in Your Home

Hard water is high in calcium, magnesium, and other hard minerals. These minerals are dissolved in the water itself, so a visual inspection won’t tell you much. However, these minerals may become more evident over time. Hard water can result in minerals building up around faucets, showerheads, and other water sources in your home. In addition to mineral buildup, hard water can also result in:
  • Spots on your dishes and glasses
  • Clothing that feels scratchy out of the wash
  • Dry and itchy skin after taking a shower
While all of these issues may seem like minor inconveniences, hard water can cause unseen issues as well. Hard water breaks down your pipes, plumbing, and appliances with a water source faster, which can lead to more frequent repairs in the long run. A water softener system can soften the water throughout your entire home, improving your quality of life while also extending the life of your hot water heater and other appliances.

Testing the Hardness of Your Water

Another way you can determine if you need a water softener is by measuring the hardness of your water. If your water supply comes from public utilities, you may be able to call and ask how hard the water is. There are also home kits that you can purchase for less than $20 to measure the hardness of your water on your own.

Choosing a Water Softener

If you’ve determined that you have hard water in your home, having a water softener installed can address all of the issues that hard water causes. Finding the right water softener for your home will depend on two primary factors: the hardness of your water and your average water usage. The harder the water in your home and the more water your household uses, the higher capacity water softening system you’ll want. There are specific calculations you can use to help determine the right water softening system for your home. When opting to add a water softener to your home, it’s best to turn to the professionals. An experienced company can help determine the right capacity water softener for your needs and handle the installation and setup of your new water softening system. At Florida Energy Water & Air, we’ve been helping homeowners throughout Florida with their water softening needs since 1989. If you’re concerned that you’re dealing with hard water in your home, you can count on our professionals to help get you set up with the water softener you need to enjoy a better quality of life and softer water throughout your home.

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