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Hybrid Water Heater Installations for Homeowners Throughout Land O’ Lakes, FL

If you live in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, you may as well use the sunny weather to your advantage—and one way to do so is by investing in a hybrid water heater for your home. At Florida Energy Water & Air, we install Rheem® hot water heaters. These appliances work exceptionally well and can even help save you money on energy bills. We’ve been offering residential water treatment services to homeowners across the state since 1989, and you can trust that we have the knowledge and expertise required to install your hybrid water heater flawlessly.

How Do Hybrid Water Heaters Operate?

If you currently have a water heater in your home, it likely uses electricity or gas to warm up your water supply. This can result in costly expenditures as your energy bills rack up, or you constantly have to purchase gas to maintain hot water in your home. With one of our hybrid water heaters, both of these expenses will be a thing of the past. Hybrid heaters operate by using the sun’s rays as an energy source. A heat pump generates heat from hot outdoor air and stores it in a tank to heat your water. And if you’re worried about how a hybrid water heater will keep your water warm during the colder months, don’t be. During the colder months, a hybrid heater will switch to using electricity for energy, but as a resident of the Sunshine State, this will rarely be the case for you.

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