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What to Know Before You Buy a Solar Water Heater for Your Home in Lakeland, FL

Solar Water Heater Lakeland FLA solar water heater can make a great addition to your home in Lakeland, Florida. But, like any other big investment, choosing to buy such a piece of equipment is a decision best made only after you take the necessary time to learn more about solar water heating and hone in on a couple of models that can best suit your needs. One very important concept to understand as it relates to solar water heating is called the payback period. The payback period is the number of years that it will take for you to recoup the upfront cost of a solar water heater through reduced water-heating expenses. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the payback period for a well-designed and professionally installed solar water heating system can range from four to eight years. However long your payback period is, once it is over, you can expect to enjoy truly free hot/heated water for as many as 40 years – depending on how well the system is maintained. Other factors to consider when deciding whether to buy a solar water heating system for your home in Lakeland, FL, include:
  • How long you plan to live in the home
  • Whether, and to what extent, you might have to rely on a backup gas or electric water heater
  • Whether you will need new roof shingles before any solar energy collectors (i.e., solar panels) are installed
  • The current availability of financial incentives at the federal, state, or local level for making your home more energy efficient
For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, a trusted solar water heater installer serving Lakeland, FL.

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