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Solar Water Heater Melbourne FLBy having a solar water heater installed in your home in Melbourne, Florida, you can take advantage of all the benefits that have popularized solar water heating technology among homeowners nationwide. There are lots of great advantages to solar water heaters but the biggest one undoubtedly is the cost savings. If yours is anything like the average U.S. household, 25 percent of your yearly home energy costs can be attributed directly to your electric water heater (less if your water heater utilizes natural gas). The Florida Solar Energy Center says that the installation of a solar water heater can slash the size of your energy bills by as much as 50 to 85 percent. Consider also the fact that one day you will sell your home and a solar water heating system will be sure to be a great selling point to advertise to prospective buyers. The National Remodelers Association estimates that putting a solar water heater into an existing home can increase the value of the home by the entire cost of the system, if not more. Another advantage of solar water heaters is that they are non-polluting. When you invest in one, you will drastically limit how much electricity or natural gas you will use for water heating. Like other products that utilize renewable energy, solar water heaters make it possible to lead a comfortable, 21st century lifestyle without depleting natural resources, contributing to climate change, and being dependent on imported sources of energy. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air for more information. We are a solar water heater installer serving Melbourne, FL.

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