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Solar Pool Heating System Installation for Residents of Orlando, FL

Solar Pool Heating Orlando FLIf you own a pool in Orlando, FL, then the installation of a solar pool heating system can enable you to get the best possible value out your swimming pool investment. When the temperature outside makes it too cold for your family to swim, your swimming pool sits idle despite the fact that you continue to pay for it through insurance, mortgage costs, taxes, cleaning supplies, landscaping, and other necessary incidental expenditures. The benefit of having a solar pool heating system installed is that you will be able to significantly lengthen your family’s swimming season for only minimal added cost. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you will be able to heat your pool water naturally and give your family the ability to go swimming virtually year-round. Solar pool heaters are not only cheaper to operate than heaters that utilize gas or electricity, they also last longer and require less maintenance. Even if it’s properly maintained, a gas or electric pool water heater can be expected to a last only five to seven years – 10 if you’re lucky. A solar pool heater, by contrast, generally is able to last 20 years or longer with considerably fewer maintenance requirements. That is a full two decades of being able to heat your pool in a highly cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air in Orlando, FL, today for more information on how a solar pool heating system can help you maximize the return on your investment.

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