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Solar Water Heating System Installation for Residents of Orlando, FL

Solar Water Heating Orlando FLBuying a solar water heating system for your home in Orlando, Florida, will be an investment that starts paying for itself the day that it is installed. Instead of paying a large sum every month to heat your water utilizing a system that requires expensive gas or electricity, you will be able to heat it naturally with the aid of the sun and save serious money. According to the Florida Solar Energy Center – a research institute at the University of Central Florida – replacing an electric water heater with one that runs off solar energy can slash your annual utility bills by 50 to 85 percent. How much money, specifically, will you be able to save when you elect to have a solar water heating system installed in your home in Orlando, FL? Many factors will be at play, including the following:
  • How much heated water your family uses
  • The cost of the solar water heater
  • The future cost of alternative heating sources
  • How long the solar water heater lasts
  • The availability of rebates and tax incentives
  • And more
Though it’s an important one, saving money isn’t the only justification for “going solar” and switching to a solar water heater. Another big reason is that it is better for the environment. It has been estimated that, by installing a solar water heater, you can prevent 4,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the earth’s atmosphere every year. For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, a solar water heating system installation specialist based in Orlando, FL.

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