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A Solar Pool Heater Can Help You Extend Your Swimming Season Affordably in Orlando, FL

Solar Pool Heater Orlando FLHaving a solar pool heater installed can help you extend your swimming season in Orlando, Florida, in an affordable and environmentally friendly manner. Solar energy is an abundant natural resource that is free for anyone to use as long as they have the right technology. Solar pool heating systems are cost-competitive with gas and electric units and have very low annual operating costs. Indeed, owning a solar pool heater is particularly cost-effective in a place like Orlando, FL, that enjoys well over 200 days of sunshine a year. How, exactly, does a solar pool heating system work? It’s actually quite simple. Most include the following main components:
  • Solar energy collector
  • Filter
  • Pump
  • Flow control valve
Whenever a warmer pool is desired, the pump will send pool water to a solar energy collector, which is roof mounted for maximum sun exposure. This water is exposed to solar energy and gradually heated similar to water left inside a garden hose. Naturally warmed water is then pumped back to the pool and the process continues in this manner. In hot climates like Florida’s, it is even a common practice to utilize a solar pool heating system during the summer. Pool water that’s too warm can be circulated through the system at night and cooled down through exposure to the relatively cool night air. For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, a trusted solar pool heater installer headquartered right here in Orlando, FL. We will be pleased to help you extend your swimming season – without spending a fortune.

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