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A Solar Pool Heater Can Help You Extend Your Swimming Season Affordably

Pool Heater Orlando FLOwn a pool in Orlando, Florida? Investing in a solar pool heater can be a great way to extend your family’s swimming season without breaking the bank. Those who buy gas or electric pool heaters shell out quite a bit of money for the luxury of going swimming after the temperature outside starts to drop. But, that just isn’t necessary. A solar pool heater can help you do the very same thing for just about the cost of a cup of coffee day. Solar energy is an abundant natural resource that is free. And, when you think about it, you pay a tidy sum of money for your pool regardless of whether anyone actually uses it. There are home insurance, property taxes, mortgage payments, upkeep and maintenance expenses – these are all fixed costs that you are responsible for whether a single person dips a toe in the water or not. So, why not swim as much as you can? Cooler temperatures don’t necessarily mean that swimming is out of the question. A solar pool heater will enable you and your family to spend more time in the pool getting exercise and having fun, regardless of the outside temperature.

 One of the Premier Solar Pool Heater Installers Serving the Orlando area of Florida

Florida Energy Water & Air is a family-run, Orlando-based company and a solar pool heater installation specialist. The systems that we install require virtually no maintenance and come backed by a 10-year panel warranty that even includes freeze protection. Utilizing your existing pool pump, pool water will be delivered to a series of roof-mounted solar energy collectors. There, it will be naturally heated by the sun’s radiant energy and then returned to the pool for the cycle to continue. In this way, your pool water will gradually reach a comfortable swimming temperature. For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, an award-winning solar pool heater installer and a company with a long history of exceeding the expectations of its Orlando area customers. We also install solar water heaters (for showering, doing laundry, etc.), drinking water purification systems, whole-house water filters, air conditioners, and more. All our products are top of the line and come from leading manufacturers.  

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