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Save Money – and Go Green – With a Solar Pool Heater in Orlando, FL

Solar Pool Heater Orlando FLIf you own a pool in Orlando, FL, then why not invest in a solar pool heater and squeeze the most enjoyment out of it? A solar pool heating system will extend your family’s swimming season with only minimal added costs. Instead of being able to swim only when the temperature outside allows, you’ll be able to actually use your pool year-round, even after the mercury starts to drop. Solar pool heaters have come a long way in recent years and are easy to integrate with preexisting pool pumps, filters, and plumbing. How, exactly, does a solar pool heater work, and what other justifications are there to buying one other than just having a year-round swimming season? The mechanics of solar pool heaters actually relatively simple. After being pumped through a filter, your pool water will be channeled through a series of roof-mounted solar collectors that will heat the water using the energy that they’ve captured from the sun. From there, it will be circulated back into the pool until the pool as a whole reaches your desired temperature. In the summertime, your solar pool heater can even be used to bring the temperature of your pool water down. The system will circulate the pool water through the solar collectors at night, exposing more of it to the cool night air and thereby lowering its temperature. Solar energy is a free resource that makes purchasing a solar water heating system an intelligent investment. Instead of paying out the nose to heat your pool with the aid of a conventional gas or electric system, you’ll be able to heat it for just pennies on the dollar, and be kinder to the environment in the process. If you’d like more information about having a solar pool heater installed anywhere in the Orlando, FL, area, contact Florida Energy Water & Air – your local solar pool heating specialist.

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