Solar Pool Heaters

Solar Pool Heaters Help Swimming Pool Owners in Orlando, FL, Save Money

Solar Pool Heaters Orlando FLSolar pool heaters can be found at an ever-growing number of homes in the Orlando, Florida, area. That’s because heating a swimming pool with the aid of solar energy is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive thing to do. Even in a semi-tropical climate like Florida’s, an unheated swimming pool will become too cold to use for several months every year. While it certainly is possible to extend your swimming season by using a heater that runs on gas or electricity, doing so can be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, it is by no means necessary to shell out that kind of money to have a lengthened swimming season. Investing in a solar pool heater will make it possible for you to heat your pool for only the cost of a cup of coffee per day. Solar pool heaters work by circulating pool water through a series of roof-mounted solar energy collectors. After being warmed by the sun, the water returns to the pool until the pool as a whole reaches the desired temperature. If you think that you might want to invest in a solar pool heater and you live in the Orlando, FL, area, then be sure to turn to Florida Energy Water & Air. Our team can install a quality heater that you can long rely on to produce heated swimming pool water whenever you need it. It will be a virtually maintenance-free system backed by an excellent warranty for your peace of mind. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today for additional information about the solar pool heaters that we install for homeowners in the Orlando, FL, area.

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