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Solar Pool Heater Panels Orlando FL

Why Many Orlando Residents Choose to Have Solar Pool Heater Panels Installed

Solar Pool Heater Panels Orlando FLSolar pool heater panels can be found on an ever-growing number of homes in the Orlando area of Florida. That’s because, increasingly, pool owners are beginning to appreciate the advantages of not just heating a pool but doing so with the aid of solar energy. Unlike conventional pool heaters that require gas or electricity – and the high energy costs they require – solar pool heaters only require the free energy of the sun to do their thing. Solar pool heating panels can be an especially good investment in Orlando, FL, a city that enjoys nearly 250 sunny days a year. Beyond the cost of the system and having it installed, there are virtually no operating costs associated with solar pool heater usage and maintenance expenses are nominal.

How Do Solar Pool Heater Panels Work?

Solar pool heating panels closely resemble photovoltaic solar panels that are used to generate electricity. Both are flat, rectangular, typically roof mounted, and colored black to absorb more sunlight. However, solar pool heating panels contain an array of polypropylene veins through which pool water travels. As pool water is pumped through the panels, heat is transferred from the polypropylene veins to the water. You have likely experienced a similar phenomenon with a garden hose that’s been left to sit in the sun. The water inside the hose turns warm as a result of the hose itself having prolonged exposure to solar energy. The most common type of solar pool heater features roof-mounted solar energy collection panels, discussed above, along with the following: • Filter – A filter is necessary for removing any debris that might otherwise clog the collectors. • Pump – A pump is required for physically moving the pool water through the filter, through the collectors, and back to the pool again. • Flow control valve – The job of a flow control valve is to divert pool water so that it travels through the solar pool heating system while it is turned on. For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, a trusted installer of solar pool heating equipment that has been proudly serving Greater Orlando for nearly 30 years. Let us help you extend your swimming season in an affordable and eco-friendly manner.

Easy-Term Financing With Zero Down & Low Monthly Payments

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