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Why Have a RainSoft Water Softener System Installed in Your Home in Orlando, FL?

Water Softener System Orlando FLIf you are looking into having a water softener system installed in your home in Orlando, Florida, be sure it’s a RainSoft. That’s because RainSoft water softeners offer a lifetime of dependable performance. After having a RainSoft water softening system installed, you will be able to say goodbye to dry skin, lifeless hair, scratchy clothing, limescale buildup, spotty dishes, and various other problems that are directly linked to water hardness. Regardless of which RainSoft water softener system you buy for your home in Orlando, FL, you can expect to receive a high-performance American-made product that is guaranteed to work exactly as advertised. All RainSoft systems are:
  • Assembled in an ISO-certified Midwest manufacturing facility
  • Independently tested and certified by third-party organizations
  • Backed by an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty
RainSoft manufactures the following water softeners:
  • EC5 Series – This next-generation system can be monitored remotely using the RainSoft REMIND app, which is available on iOS and Android devices.
  • EC4 Series – The EC4 Series is computer controlled and softens water in real-time based on actual water usage in the household. Automatic regeneration helps to conserve water, salt, and electricity.
  • TC Series – This unit features an electric timer that is simple to program. It is powered by an energy-efficient low-voltage electrical system and comes with a built-in battery for the purpose of maintaining critical system data in the event of a power outage.
For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, the only authorized RainSoft water softener system installer serving Orlando, FL. We will be pleased to test your water for hardness at no charge and explain in further detail the many benefits of investing in a RainSoft system.

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