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Want to Extend Your Swimming Season Without Spending a Fortune? Then Have a Solar Pool Heater Installed

Pool Heater Tampa FLIf you own a pool in the Tampa area of Florida, then do yourself a big favor and have a solar pool heater installed. Doing so can extend your swimming season – and do so in an affordable manner. Unlike pool heaters that guzzle gas or electricity, solar pool heaters are highly energy efficient and utilize a form of energy – sunlight – that is free. By using the sun to heat your pool you’re exploiting an abundant and renewable natural resource instead of consuming energy derived from fossil fuels, which are highly polluting. How does solar pool heater technology work, exactly? It’s actually quite straightforward. A series of solar energy collectors is mounted on the roof, preferably in a southerly direction that is largely unobstructed by shade. Inside the collectors, an array of polypropylene (PP) veined mats absorb the radiant heat of the sun. The pool water that is pumped through the collectors and mats is gradually heated until it reaches a more-comfortable swimming temperature. In a place like Florida that experiences hot, muggy summers, a solar pool heater can even serve a dual function. At night, when the air temperature is significantly cooler, turning on the heater can expose more of the pool water to the cool night air and bring it down to a more agreeable swimming temperature. For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, a solar pool heater specialist that has performed countless installations across the Tampa Bay area. We look forward to helping you extend your swimming season in a way that’s both inexpensive and less of a drag on the environment. In the Tampa, FL, area, we also install solar water heaters, water softeners, whole-house water filtration systems, drinking water purifiers, and air conditioners, among other products.

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