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The Lesser-Known Benefits of Having a Water Softener Installed in Your Home in Orlando

Water Softener Orlando FLChoosing to have a water softener installed in your Orlando area home can make everyday life a lot more enjoyable. Though not harmful to human health, hard water can give rise to a whole host of irritating problems, such as dry, itchy skin along with difficult-to-manage hair and limescale buildup on bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Indeed, transitioning from hard water to soft can deliver myriad advantages that may not be immediately obvious. Let’s have a look at some of the perhaps lesser-known benefits of investing in a water softener:
  • Lower energy bills – All appliances that use water function more efficiently with soft water. Dishwashers, coffee makers, water heaters – they all consume less energy when the water they use has been softened. This, in turn, can result in noticeably smaller monthly energy bills.
  • Less wear and tear on pipes and appliances – Hard water can encourage corrosion and also leave behind a scummy residue called limescale. Corrosion can shorten the lifespan of your plumbing, while the residue necessitates frequent cleaning and scrubbing.
  • Healthier plants – Most residential tap water contains chlorine that has been added for the purpose of disinfection. However, this chemical additive provides essentially no benefits after your water reaches your house. A water softener will remove, or at least significantly reduce, any chlorine that can inhibit the health of the household plants you water.
  • Smaller carbon footprint – When your appliances use less energy and last longer, you lessen your reliance on nonrenewable fossil fuels and other natural resources.

RainSoft Water Softening Systems

One of the premier water softener brands in America is RainSoft, a company that has been helping to make good water better for more than half a century. In Orlando, RainSoft water softeners are available exclusively from Florida Energy Water & Air. We are a family-run business and the only authorized RainSoft dealer serving this region of Florida. Our team proudly sells, installs, and services every RainSoft water softener model, from brand-new, cutting-edge systems to legacy RainSoft water softeners from decades ago. Other products from RainSoft that we carry include drinking water purifiers, whole-house water filtration systems, and whole-house air purifiers. We also install air conditioners, solar water heaters, and solar pool heaters – all from well-respected manufacturers. Contact us today.

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