Hard Water vs Soft Water Tampa FL

Hard Water vs. Soft Water: An Overview for Homeowners in the Tampa Bay Area

Hard Water vs Soft Water Tampa FLUnderstanding the difference between hard water vs soft water can come in mighty handy as a homeowner in the Tampa area of Florida. That’s because, with a mineral content of between 140 and 300 parts per million, the residential water supply in this particular part of the state is said to be especially hard. Though not harmful to human health, hard water contains elevated levels of dissolved minerals that are widely known to give rise to various problems in the household. These include: • Stained glasses, dishes, and silverware • Limescale buildup on bathroom and kitchen surfaces • Dry, difficult-to-manage hair • Itchy skin • Premature appliance (e.g., dishwasher) wear and tear • Dull-colored clothing • Plumbing blockages • And more These and similar annoyances are often addressed through the installation of a water softener. A water softener is an appliance that removes all those problem-causing minerals through a process that is called ion exchange. Put simply, ion exchange entails replacing the minerals with a substance, usually sodium, and flushing the mineral-laden waste water away. The soft water that is created as a result of this process is stored in a holding tank until it is summoned for the purpose of bathing, showering, washing dishes, doing laundry, and the like. Many find soft water highly desirable as it helps soaps and shampoos develop richer lathers, is easier on pipes and appliances, and doesn’t leave behind a yucky residue on showerheads and sink fixtures.

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