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Signs You Might Want to Have a Water Softener System Installed in Your Home in Tampa, FL

Water Softener System Tampa FLMany residents of Tampa, Florida, choose to have a water softener system installed in their home. That’s because the water in this part of the state is said to be especially “hard.” The hardness of water simply refers to whether or not it contains high levels of dissolved minerals – usually magnesium and calcium. According to the city, Tampa’s drinking water, which comes primarily from the Hillsborough River, exhibits hardness anywhere between 140 to 300 million parts per million. Water is considered hard whenever dissolved mineral concentrations rise above 120 parts per million. In Tampa, FL, it is thus quite common for someone to own a water softener system. Through a process call ion exchange, a water softener can significantly reduce the quantity of these minerals in the water that it treats. This, in turn, can either eliminate or reduce the severity of a wide range of hard water problems. Signs that you may want to invest in a water softener include the following: • Dry, itchy skin • Hair that’s difficult to manage • Limescale buildup on bathroom and kitchen surfaces • Difficulty getting soaps and detergents to lather • Clogged pipes • Hard water stains on dishes • Premature wear and tear on water-using appliances At Florida Energy Water & Air, we proudly install water softening systems made by industry-leader RainSoft. In fact, our company is the only authorized RainSoft water softening system dealer in the Tampa, FL, area. Please contact us today if you are fed up with living with hard water and would like to learn more about the many benefits of investing in a RainSoft system.

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