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Solar Pool Heater Clearwater FLBe sure to turn to Florida Energy Water & Air if you live in Clearwater, Florida, and think you might wish to have a solar pool heater installed. We are a family-run business serving Central FL that can help you extend your swimming season in an affordable and environmentally friendly manner. The system that we will install will capture the radiant energy of the sun throughout the day and use it to heat your pool water naturally. Think about it: Instead of having to use an expensive gas or electric heater, or instead of having to let your pool sit idle because of cold outdoor temperatures, your family will be able to go for a swim using a heating system that is cost effective and safe for the environment. The way in which a solar pool heater works is actually quite straightforward. Using your existing pool pump in Clearwater, FL, your solar pool heating system will take water out of the pool and send it through a series of solar energy collectors mounted on your roof. (Alternatively, these can be mounted on the ground, space permitting.) While in the collectors, the pool water will be naturally heated by sun, similar to how water left inside a hose gets hot. This heated pool water is then sent back to the pool and the cycle continues in this manner until the pool water reaches a comfortable swimming temperature. For more information, and to schedule a free estimate for the installation of a solar pool heater anywhere in the Clearwater, FL, area, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today.

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