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Get More Use Out of Your Pool in Clearwater, FL – Install a Solar Pool Heater

Solar Pool Heater Clearwater FLIf you own a pool in Clearwater, Florida, you honestly won’t get the most out of it unless you install a solar pool heater. Every month that it sits idle during the winter when the water is too cold to swim is money that you’re wasting. You pay for your pool 12 months out of the year through your mortgage, taxes, insurance, and equipment, so why not use it year-round? Solar pool heating systems utilize a form of energy – solar power – that is free to anyone who has the equipment necessary to capture, store, and use it. Although you could buy a conventional pool water heater, the exorbitant amount of money that you would spend heating your pool water in that fashion would almost defeat the purpose. Conventional pool water heaters are prohibitively expensive to operate for most families. Heating your pool water in Clearwater, FL, with the aid of a solar pool heater is also kinder to the environment. In addition to being 100 percent free, solar energy is non-polluting. Solar radiation is emitted by the sun and provides the Earth with as much energy every hour as everyone on the planet cumulatively uses every year. Though still frequently referred to as an “alternative” energy resource, solar energy is fast becoming the energy resource of choice across wide range of applications, from pool water heating and cell phone charging to solar-powered street lights and residential energy consumption. To learn more, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today. We proudly offer solar pool heater installation in Clearwater, FL, and other communities throughout Central Florida.

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