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Extending Your Deltona Swimming Season With a Solar Pool HeaterSolar Pool Heater Deltona

If you own a home in Deltona, you know that one of the best places to enjoy Florida’s beautiful outdoors is from the refreshing waters of your pool. So why not heat your pool and extend your swimming season into the winter months? With a solar pool heater, you can do just that. At Florida Energy Water & Air, we believe that you should be able to enjoy every resource our vibrant state offers. This is why we install SunMiser’s solar pool heaters, enabling you to enjoy your pool year-round without paying to run expensive gas or electric pool heaters.

Why Choose Solar

While avoiding higher energy costs is an obvious selling-point for a solar pool heater, you may be surprised by some of the other benefits that come with them:
  • A smaller environmental footprint ─ Investing in renewable energy doesn’t just save money. It also allows your family be eco-friendly by reducing your environmental impact.
  • Protection from rising energy prices ─ As the price of energy rises, you can rest assured knowing that the cost of heating your pool will remain consistently low.
  • The ability to cool your pool ─ Your solar pool heater remains useful during Deltona’s warm summer months, too, since running the pool heater at night will lower pool temperatures by exposing water to cool night air.
  • Increase in home value ─ As people move towards investing in renewable sources of energy, you’ll find that potential home buyers gravitate towards homes with solar energy sources.
  • Federal and state tax credits ─ Both federal and state governments offer tax credits for homeowners who install renewable energy sources, which can save you up to 30% on installation costs.
Are you ready to take advantage of the many benefits that come with installing a solar pool heater? With over 25 years of experience serving homeowners in the Deltona area, Florida Energy Water & Air can be trusted with all of your installation needs. Contact us today to learn how you can start saving.

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