Solar Pool Heater Installation

Why Choose Professional Solar Pool Heater Installation Over DIY

Solar Pool Heater Daytona Beach FLThere is plenty of information out there about DIY solar pool heating and installation. But there are also numerous reasons why professional installation and product selection is so critical. If you’re considering a solar pool heater for your home in Daytona Beach, be sure to weigh your options.

Knowledgeable Product Selection

When you work with a trusted solar energy expert like Florida Energy Water & Air, you can be sure that you’re getting the best product to meet your needs. There is a lot to consider when selecting your solar pool heater, such as pool size, best location and positioning for solar collectors, amount of sun exposure, preferred water temperature, existing type of pool pump, etc. Working with a trusted professional will ensure that your customized system meets all of your needs and preferences, and provides the best possible performance.

Benefits of Professional Installation

In addition to the unparalleled product knowledge an experienced installer can provide, professional solar pool heater installation will ensure that:
  • Your heating system will last longer – A properly installed and cared-for solar pool heater will perform well for decades with little to no maintenance.
  • You get the longest possible swim season – In Daytona Beach, a properly installed solar pool heater has the potential to provide comfortable swimming temperatures year-round.
  • Your system is backed by excellent product and service warranties – Florida Energy Water & Air stands behind its solar pool heaters with a 10-year non-prorated panel warranty that includes freeze protection, along with a one-year service warranty.
  • You enjoy added value – A heated pool increases overall property value. And, since a solar pool heater lasts longer than an electric or gas heater, it typically will lead to a greater increase in value.

Your Local Expert

Florida Energy Water & Air has proudly served the Daytona Beach area since 1989 and has an unmatched reputation for providing outstanding products and service. To schedule an in-home consultation and learn more about our solar pool heater installation, please contact us today.

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