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A Solar Pool Heater Can Extend Your Merritt Island Swimming SeasonSolar Pool Heater Merritt Island

Do you enjoy soaking up the sun and taking in the river views from your pool? If you own a home on Merritt Island, you know your pool is the best place to relax. But why limit your enjoyment to Florida’s warm, summer months? With a solar pool heater, you can extend your swimming season year-round. And unlike gas or electric pool heaters, the renewable energy of a solar pool heater keeps your family’s environmental footprint as small as possible, which keeps Merritt Island as beautiful as possible for years to come. At Florida Energy Water & Air, we believe renewable energy shouldn’t be out of reach. For over 25 years we’ve stocked a wide range of SunMiser solar pool heaters, all of which are installed by our specially-trained full-time employees.

The Benefits of Going Solar

While Floridians know the environmental importance of renewable energy, our solar pool heaters come with a plethora of additional benefits, including:
  • Dynamic pool temperature control ─ In addition to keeping your pool warm, a solar pool heater can cool your pool during the summer by exposing water to cool night air once the sun goes down.
  • Lower energy prices ─ While gas and electric pool heaters can be too expensive to run consistently, a solar pool heater provides budget-friendly temperature control.
  • Higher home values ─ As the price of energy rises, potential homeowners gravitate towards homes that enable them to use affordable renewable energy.
  • Federal and state tax credits ─ Many government programs incentivize installing renewable energy systems, allowing you to save up to 30% on the purchase of your new solar pool heater.
With so many benefits, going green is well worth it. Are you ready to install your solar pool heater and extend the swimming season at your Merritt Island home? Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today to learn how you can save.

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