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Solar Pool Heater Orlando FLIf you’d like to be able to heat your pool in Orlando, Florida, or would rather just not have to heat it using expensive gas or electricity, then you might consider installing a solar pool heater. Heating your pool with solar energy is a way for your family to enjoy the pool year-round in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, which the FL legislature created in 1975 to serve as the state’s official energy research institute, solar pool heaters offer a “payback” of 1.5 to 7 years depending on the efficiency of the system that is used, the cost of the system, the size of the pool, the amount of direct sunlight the solar energy collectors get, and other factors. Payback is the period of time that is required to recoup the initial cost of the investment. The mechanics behind how a solar pool heater works are actually quite simple. As an analogy, think of a garden hose. If you leave it out in the sun, the water inside the hose comes out warm when you turn on the spigot. That is similar to how solar pool heaters function. Solar energy is captured by a series of roof-mounted solar energy collectors, or panels. The pool’s filtration pump circulates the water through the panels where it is warmed to the desired temperature. The water is then returned to the pool, and the circulation cycle continues. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air for more information about how you can get more out of your pool in Orlando, FL, through the installation of a solar pool heater.

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