Solar Pool Heater Panels

Solar Pool Heater Panels – How Do They Work?

Solar Pool Heater Panels TampaSolar pool heater panels are a popular investment in Tampa, where there is plenty of sunshine. But for many people, the details of how they actually work are unclear. Let’s take a closer look at how solar panels can be used to heat a pool.

The Pool Heating Process

Solar pool heater panels work with the pool’s existing pump. To be heated, the pool water must go through the following steps:
  • The pool’s pump moves the water through valves to a filter.
  • Water passes through the filter and is directed to the solar collectors.
  • As the water rises through tubes from the bottom of the collectors to the top, it is heated by the sun’s radiant energy.
  • The water is directed back to the pool.
This process repeats until the pool water reaches a designated temperature. Once that temperature is achieved, the water will cycle through the filter as usual but will bypass the solar collectors.

Can Solar Pool Heater Panels Work on a Home Shaded by Trees?

Solar panels need abundant sunshine to work effectively. If a property is heavily shaded by trees, then solar panels might not be the best option for heating a pool. However, sometimes there are alternative locations for placing solar panels or other options for making them work well. It’s best to work with an expert installer so that they can provide knowledgeable recommendations. If you’re interested in having solar pool heater panels installed at your Tampa home, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today. We’ll be happy to set up an in-home consultation and answer any questions that you may have.

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