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Florida Energy Water & Air is a family-run water treatment solutions company serving St. Petersburg, Florida. With our team’s help, you can extend your family’s swimming season for only minimal added costs with a solar pool heater. That’s because, unlike conventional pool heaters that require expensive gas or electricity, solar pool heaters use an entirely free fuel source—solar energy. Using the sun’s power to heat your pool is a highly economical way to provide your family with more swimming enjoyment throughout the year.

Why Choose a Solar Pool Heater?

With a solar pool heater, you and your family will reap all the benefits of a heated pool without ongoing expenses. Our team recommends solar heaters for pools for the following reasons:
  • Extend your swimming season – Instead of letting your pool sit idle during the colder months, you can swim year-round without spending a fortune on a conventional water heating method. This means more time with family, more time relaxing, and more time exercising in the pool.
  • Shrink your carbon footprint – A solar pool heater is an environmentally friendly technology. It requires no additional electricity to operate and will utilize free, abundant, and non-polluting energy. The sun is always shining in Florida, so why not use it to your advantage?
  • Improve return on investment (ROI) – Having a pool can be seriously expensive. However, with a solar pool heating system, you can use it year-round and get the most possible enjoyment from your investment.
  • Protect yourself from rising fuel costs – One of the great things about solar energy is that it’s free, and its price tag never changes. Installing a solar pool heating system will protect you from future fuel price increases.
In addition, our solar pool heating systems require minimal maintenance over the long term and come backed by a 10-year warranty that includes freeze protection. 

How Our Solar Pool Heating Systems Work

Solar-powered pool heaters from Florida Energy Water & Air operate as follows:
  1. Pool water is sent through a series of valves to roof-mounted solar energy collectors.
  2. The water enters each collector at the bottom and rises to the top as it is heated naturally by the sun’s radiant energy.
  3. The heated water is then returned to the pool, and the process continues in this fashion until the pool has reached the desired swimming temperature.

Selecting the Right Solar Heater for Your Pool

There are various factors to consider when choosing a solar pool heater. According to, the total surface area of your solar collector(s) should be between 50%-100% of the pool’s surface area. Other variables that factor into system size include the amount of sunshine you receive, the collectors’ efficiency, your desired pool temperature, and the desired length of your swimming season. The experts at Florida Energy Water & Air will help you determine which solar pool heater works best for your needs.

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For additional information about the benefits of investing in a solar pool heater, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we would be pleased to help you go solar and get more out of your swimming pool. In St. Petersburg, FL, we also install solar pool heaters for inground pools, solar water heaters, drinking water filters, whole-house water filters, water softeners, and more.

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