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Solar Pool Heaters Clearwater FLAt Florida Energy Water & Air, the solar pool heaters that we install in Clearwater, Florida, are all high quality systems that are designed to heat pool water in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective fashion. With our help, you will be able to extend your swimming season without having to spend a fortune on gas or electricity to do it. We proudly carry solar pool heating systems from reputable manufacturers and back each one with a 10-year warranty (including free protection) that isn’t prorated. Like other residents of Clearwater, FL, who invest in one of our solar pool heaters, you will be the recipient of a high-quality product that is designed to harness the sun’s energy and use it to make otherwise cold pool water comfortable to swim in. How does a solar pool heater work? It’s actually quite simple. First, your pool pump will send cold pool water through a series of solar energy collectors that are mounted on your roof. Second, while the water is being circulated through the collectors, it is exposed to the sun’s radiant energy and becomes warmed. Finally, this naturally warmed water is sent back to the pool. This process continues either uninterrupted or until you switch the solar pool heater off. For additional information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, a trusted installer of solar pool heaters serving Clearwater, FL. We also sell, install, and service solar water heaters, drinking water purification systems, water softening systems, whole-house air purifiers, air conditioners, and more.

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