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Solar Pool Heater Melbourne FLIf you own a pool in Melbourne, Florida, then you will want to consider having a solar pool heater installed. That’s because, even in the Sunshine State, pool water can become too cold to enjoyably swim in for several months out of the year. Instead of just letting your swimming pool sit idle, you can heat it inexpensively with the aid of a solar pool heating system and extend your swimming season to more than 300 days a year! Having a solar pool heater installed at your home in Melbourne, FL, is a way for you to squeeze more value out of your swimming pool investment. You pay a lot of money for the privilege of owning a pool, and the truth is that owning a pool can be very expensive whether or not anyone actually uses it. There are a variety of fixed costs associated with pool ownership that you have to pay regardless of what the temperature of your pool water is. These include:
  • Mortgage payments
  • Taxes
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Pool supplies
  • Maintenance
Buying a solar pool heating system is a sensible investment that will enable your family to spend more time together in the pool having fun. It can even be used in the summer to maintain a comfortable pool water temperature. Simply circulate the water through the solar energy collectors on your roof so that it can be cooled by the night air. For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, a solar pool heater installer serving the Melbourne, FL, area. We also install solar water heaters, water softeners, drinking water purifiers, air conditioners, and more.

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