Solar Pool Myths

Debunking Three Big Myths About Solar Pool Heating for Tampa Homeowners

Solar Pool TampaAs local solar experts in Tampa and throughout Central Florida, Florida Energy Water & Air has heard many myths about solar pool heating. We’re here to debunk these myths and put your mind at ease. Listed below are the three myths about solar pool heating that we hear most often.

A Solar Pool Heater Won’t Get the Water Warm Enough During Cold Weather

While the outside air temperature does impact the temperature of pool water, it is certainly possible for pool water to be heated to a comfortable temperature during Florida’s colder weather. During our winter season, an unheated pool’s temperature can drop to the low 60s, while a solar-heated pool can reach the upper 70s. A 78-degree pool may be on the chilly side, but it’s definitely a swimmable temperature.

Solar Pool Systems Work Only in the Hottest Parts of Florida or on Exceptionally Sunny Days

False. Solar pool heaters are used effectively across the country. As long as you have the appropriate number of solar collectors for the size of your pool, and the placement and orientation of the solar collectors are best for your property’s sun exposure, your pool can be heated with solar energy.

A Pool Heated by Solar Panels Takes Too Long to Heat Up

Some customers ask us if it’s true that a solar pool heater can warm water by only a degree per day. This is not the case; solar panels can warm a pool by several degrees daily. There are so many factors that affect the speed of solar pool heating, and the reason some people experience a slow heat time could be due to a variety of things.

Some Main Factors that Influence Solar Pool Heating Speed

  • The number of solar collectors compared to the size of the pool – Not having enough panels will negatively impact the system’s ability to heat the pool.
  • The property’s sun exposure – Properties with abundant trees and shade simply won’t see as much sunlight as those without obstructions.
  • The time of year and respective outdoor temperature – This impacts the rate at which the pool is losing heat while you’re attempting to heat it.
It’s important to work with a knowledgeable expert when purchasing a solar heating system for your pool. The experienced team at Florida Energy Water & Air will ensure that you have the proper amount of solar collectors and that they’re installed with the best orientation. To schedule a consultation at your Tampa-area home, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today. Our knowledgeable team will help you decide if solar pool heating is right for you.

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