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Solar Pool Heating Sarasota FLSolar pool heating is becoming increasingly common in Sarasota, Florida. And, it isn’t very difficult to understand why. Solar energy technology has advanced to the point where it simply makes a lot more economic sense to heat a pool with solar energy than with gas or electricity. Investing in a solar pool heater will enable you to extend your swimming season in way that is both inexpensive and environmentally friendly. You pay a lot to own a pool in the form of mortgage payments, property taxes, home insurance, supplies, and maintenance. So, you owe it to yourself to be able to use the pool as much as you can. Others in your household will thank you for it! The solar pool heating system you buy for your home in Sarasota, FL, will capture the free energy of the sun and use it to heat your pool water naturally. Using your existing heat pump, pool water will be sent to the roof and through a series of solar energy collectors, which look a lot like solar panels. Once the water is heated by the sun’s radiant energy, it is sent back to the pool and the process continues in this manner. Your solar pool heater can even be used to cool your pool down during the dog days of summer by running the water through the collectors at night and exposing it to the cool night air. For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, a solar pool heating system installer serving Sarasota, FL. We are a family-run business that will do whatever it takes to achieve your total satisfaction.

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