Solar Pool Heaters Tampa FL

Why are Solar Pool Heaters so Popular in Tampa, FL?

Solar Pool Heaters Tampa FLThere is no doubt that solar pool heaters are increasingly being embraced by pool owners in Tampa, Florida, and elsewhere. As homeowners across the country become more attentive to their energy consumption habits in general, those with pools have begun to recognize that solar pool heater installation is a great way to “go green” and extend their swimming seasons for only minimal added costs. Florida Energy Water & Air is a company that specializes in the installation of solar pool heaters and other lifestyle-enhancing products such as solar water heaters, water softeners, indoor air purifiers, and air conditioners. The solar pool heating systems that we install all feature a series of roof-mounted solar energy collectors. Using the existing pump or one that we install, pool water is channeled through the collectors where it is heated naturally by the sun’s radiant energy. The heated pool water is then returned to the pool for the cycle to continue until the pool as a whole reaches the desired temperature. Solar energy is an abundant natural resource that is FREE to everyone. Especially in a place like Tampa, FL, where it is sunny virtually year-round, a solar pool heater is a significantly more cost-effective investment than a heater that guzzles expensive gas or electricity. Though many companies install solar pool heaters in Tampa, FL, few are quite like Florida Energy Water & Air. We are a family-owned and -operated business that has, since 1989, consistently provided both top-quality products from reputable manufacturers and world-class customer service. Florida Energy Water & Air has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and is an Authorized Service Provider for The Home Depot. Contact us today to learn more.

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