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How Warm Can an Orlando Home’s Pool Get with a Solar Heater?

Solar Pool OrlandoMany Orlando homeowners ask us how warm they can expect their pool to get if they have a solar heating system installed. It seems that many people are under the impression that a pool using a solar-powered heater can only be warmed by a degree a day or that it can only reach a temperature equivalent to that of the outdoor air. However, the truth is that a solar pool heater can keep water at swimmable temperatures year-round in Orlando.

Pool Heater Use During the Summer

During Florida summers, a pool heater may not even need to be used, as water can naturally reach ideal swimming temperatures in the upper 80s. If it is needed during the summer, a solar pool heater will have no trouble getting the water to the desired temperature, which can be set on the system.

Pool Temperatures During Cooler Months

On average, a solar-heated pool in Orlando typically reaches temperatures around 10 degrees warmer than an unheated pool, give or take a few degrees depending on the weather. The long explanation, though, is that there are just so many factors that can influence the max temperature of a pool that uses a solar water heating system (or any other kind of heating system, for that matter). Some of these factors include:
  • Amount of sun exposure
  • Size of the pool
  • Use of a pool cover
  • Starting temperature of the water (pools lose heat each night)
And, of course, the quality of the solar pool heating system itself and its skillful installation will play a big part in the speed at which it can heat the pool, too.

A Solar Pool Heater from Local Experts

In the Orlando area, the energy experts that homeowners trust is Florida Energy Water & Air. If you’d like more information about solar pool heating systems or would like to arrange a consultation, contact us today.

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