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Save Money and Go Green – Switch to a Solar Water Heater in Clearwater, FL

Solar Water Heater Clearwater FLWhen you look at the numbers, purchasing a solar water heater for your home in Clearwater, Florida, makes sound financial sense. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) estimates that 25 percent of your household energy costs are traceable directly to your conventional, electrical water heater. In other words, a full one-quarter of all the money you spend on utilities every year goes toward heating water. A proven way by which you can dramatically lower your water-heating expenditures is to install a solar water heating system, a device that will heat your water not by electric power but by solar energy. Though a bit costlier up front than water heaters that use either electricity or gas, solar water heaters cost decidedly less over the long run. A study conducted by the Florida Solar Energy Center at UCF revealed that, as a homeowner in sunny Florida, you stand to save an incredible 50 to 85 percent on your energy bills annually by having a solar water heater installed. Consider also the environmental benefits of heating your water naturally. Instead of relying on a fossil-fuel-burning form of energy, you will be able to rely on a form of energy that is plentiful, free, and for all practical purposes, inexhaustible. According to the NREL, if you replace an electric water heating system with a solar heating unit, you will effectively prevent 50 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the Earth’s atmosphere. For more information on the many benefits to having a solar water heater installed in your home in Clearwater, FL, contact Florida Energy Water & Air. We are a local, family-owned and -operated business that specializes in solar water heating system installation.

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