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Save Money and “Go Green” – Buy a Solar Water Heater for Your Home in Lakeland, FL

Solar Water Heater Lakeland FLShortly after buying a solar water heater for your home in Lakeland, Florida, you will question why you ever heated your water in any other fashion. While it’s true that the initial cost of a solar water heating system is higher than that of a conventional gas or electric system, the fuel that it uses – sunshine – is free. Solar energy is also especially abundant in Florida, which enjoys approximately 250 sunny or partly sunny days a year. A solar water heating system can thus be a great money-saving investment, one that, according to the Florida Solar Energy Center, can save you as much as 50 to 85 percent on your water-heating costs every year. Solar water heaters also last longer than conventional systems, lengthening the period of time before you would otherwise have to shell out money for a new one. The environmental benefits of buying a solar water heater for your home in Lakeland are significant as well. The fact is, solar water heaters simply do not pollute. Over a period of 20 years, a solar water heating system will save enough electricity to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by a staggering 50 tons. Carbon dioxide traps heat in the upper atmosphere and is believed to be the main contributing cause of climate change and global warming. For more information about the many benefits of buying a solar water heater, contact Florida Energy Water & Air. We proudly install solar water heaters made by Rheem in homes in Lakeland and other communities throughout central FL.

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