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The Benefits of Having a Solar Water Heater Installed in Your Home in Tampa, FL

Solar Water Heater Tampa FLIf you live in Tampa, Florida, a solar water heater can be an excellent investment. With nearly 250 days of sunny or partly sunny skies a year, Tampa has plenty of “fuel” for a solar water heating system to use. Though a bit more expensive up front than conventional water heaters that run on either gas or electricity, solar water heaters are actually less expensive to own over the long term. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), America’s primary laboratory for conducting research on renewable energy and energy efficiency, the average household that uses a conventional electric water heater allocates about 25 percent of its energy costs just to heating water. It is estimated that heating your water with (free) solar energy instead of (costly) electricity can lower your energy bills by as much as 50 to 85 percent. Of course, there are other benefits to owning a solar water heater than just saving money. Instead of having to rely on electricity – and the environmentally destructive methods used to produce it – you will be able to heat your water with a natural resource that is clean, abundant, freely available, and practically inexhaustible. It is a well-established fact that solar water heaters are non-polluting. By investing in one, you’ll prevent tons of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and other “greenhouse” gases from entering into the atmosphere. For more information about why buying a solar water heater can be such a great investment, contact Florida Energy Water & Air. We proudly install solar water heaters in Tampa and other communities throughout central FL. Our supplier, Rheem, is one of the foremost manufacturers of solar water heating equipment in the world.

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