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It’s Easy to See Why Solar Water Heaters are so Popular in Orlando, FL

Solar Water Heaters Orlando FLSolar water heaters are incredibly popular among homeowners in the Orlando, Florida, area. Thanks to an abundance of sunshine year round, it is particularly cost-effective to own a solar water heating system in this region of the country. Instead of having to heat your water with expensive gas or electricity exclusively, owning a solar water heater will allow you to heat it primarily with a type of fuel that’s free – namely, solar energy. Though characteristics vary from system to system, all solar water heaters do essentially the same thing. They capture the energy of the sun and use it to heat water naturally. The practical advantages of owning a solar water heater instead of a conventional gas or electric unit are clear. Consider the following benefits of buying one for your home in Orlando, FL:
  • Lifespan – The average lifespan of a solar water heater is roughly 15 to 30 years. That’s a long time, and more than twice the lifespan of most conventional systems.
  • Return on investment – “Going solar” will allow you to save money on water-heating costs from day one. Actual savings will be dependent on water usage in the home, the energy efficiency of the system, the availability of government incentives and rebates, and other factors
  • Home value – All other things being equal, a home with low water heating costs is going to be more valuable in the eyes of prospective buyers.
  • Carbon footprint – Solar water heaters do not harm the environment. The fuel that they use, sunlight, is freely available, practically unlimited, and non-polluting.
If you would like more information about solar water heaters, please contact Florida Energy Water & Air in Orlando, FL, today. We are an authorized distributor and installer of solar water heating systems made by Rheem, one of the most trusted names in the water heating and HVAC equipment industry.

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